Magda Hasiak

She deals with fashion and designing since for ever. From fascination with construction and technique, through working for teen brands as a designer, to building her own brand. In design, the most important for her is finding new and unique solutions. She deconstructs, plays with fabrics and accessories, reverses usual schema. She’s inspired with modern architecture and answers she’s showing. In private (and working life), she’s a volcano of energy, always in a run, always talkative, finds time for everyone around her. Challenges are accepted by her with excitement.

Our team

Elżbieta Frąckowiak

Showroom Manager

Lecithin? We wouldn’t need any of it, because… we have Ela. She’s the one who reminds us about orders, she knows all the clients, remembers sizes. She organizes production, advises colour palette and even remembers about Fat Thursday’s doughnuts. It’s a piece of cake to have a memory like an elephant, but having a memory like Ela! Whenever she does something, she does it with a flourish. She’s the reason we change our office to a bigger one. Questions concerning production, orders and availability are answers by her.

Hanna Grześkowiak

Product Manager

She controls chaos. Calmness and common sense. In moments when everyone panic and want to give up, she’s right there with a notepad, working out another plan. Excel and complicated math are a piece of cake for her. She manages product, costs of production and collaboration with distribution spots. Answers to questions about collaboration and fashion fairs are in her head.

Show room

Our creative space

Our workshop and showroom are placed in Concordia Design building in Poznań. It’s the place, where new ideas and sketches arise, here every design signed with Magda Hasiak’s logo is created. Seamstresses’ team work here to transform every sketch into cloathing form. It’s a place where you can find and buy all the novelties from our collections. Here we wait for you with delicious coffee - see you soon.